Unity Captives

When man reaches for the stars, greed and tyranny pursue.

When humanity escaped to the stars,
greed and tyranny eagerly pursued.

From behind the face plate of his spacesuit, Tod Riley looks down at the homeworld he loves and dreams of space travel.

Tod’s dreams turn to nightmares when the Starship Grissom comes crashing into the system bringing the tyrannical hand of the Unity government with it. When the captain starts making unreasonable demands for repairs , supplies and unquestioning obedience, conflicts arise. Drittans fled to the edges of Unity space to escape that kind of treatment and violence soon erupts. When the colonists compel the warship to leave tThey do not leave alone.

Several colonists, Including Tod are abducted, pressed into service of the tyranical Unity navy.

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The colonists are forced into the nightmares of never-ending war, degradation, injury and death. Every hour is a struggle to survive as the ship takes them further from the homeworld they may never see again as one by one the pressees die in battle or careless accidents.

When they learn the captain has engaged in piracy, Tod knows he must escape or die. He must risk everything to escape the warship and the clutches of the tyrannical captain and then he must find his way across the light years of empty space that separates him from his home world.