The iFactor

A science fiction thriller set against the backdrop of the Sirius Colony. A society protected from the acid atmosphere and from its citizens by the cities computer system. When a serial killer finds a way to bypass that system and kill with impunity only a man with PTSD flashes of the future can stop the killing.
A Science Fiction Thriller

On a distant planet, an unstoppable Serial Killer stalks the colony’s pressure domes.

No one on Earth would ever trust Matt Dales with a badge again, not after the incident in Dallas. He is plagued by PTSD, amnesia and labled a “Child Killer”, forcing him to take a job off world in the domed colonies of Sirius.

Faster than Light travel has allowed mankind to spread out among the stars, but it has its dangers. A human mind cannot survive “The Mind Rip”, the inverted relativity of the universe beyond the light speed barrier. To prevent mental and sensory overload, passengers are given the hyper drug, a powerful drug which temporarily prevents a human brain from making memories. Without it, the human brain is overloaded with conflicting memories that it cannot assimilate and space travelers arrive at their destination catatonic or in such an uncontrollable state of synaptic overload that they scream themselves to death.

Unfortunately, once diluted, the drug is one of the more popular recreational drugs. A criminal market thrives on shorting passenger doses, dooming many to a screaming death. Matt Dales is given a short dose. He should have died. Images of the past and future are surpressed with the rest of his traumatic memories. Now, his PTSD is worse than ever. Matt struggles with sensory and memory flashes of events that have yet to happen leaving him only fit for a job as a cargo inspecter.

Until a serial killer appears in the domed colony. They move without detection, leaving gruesome displays in their wake. The colonial computers and the city’s personnel tracking sensors which have created mankind’s first society with out crime, is unable to track them. The government turns to the only man trained outside that system, a man who was trained to track killers without the aid of advanced technology. Matt Dales.

Can Matt learn to control his visions and stop a killer before the mental barriers collapse driving him insane?