Teller’s Cove

A Supernatural Novel of Ancient Terror

“Teller’s Cove is a horror through and through. It’s got suspense, shocks, blood, death, and an underlying feeling of unease and tension.” – Bit’N Book Promoters

Jerry Lujan has not been easy lately, or ever really. Both his parents were killed in a boating accident when he was a baby leaving him and his brother Ted to be raised by their struggling grandmother. But now she is also gone and his brother Ted took a hike an hour after her funeral. Jerry has never felt more alone.

An early morning phone call from Ted changes all that. His ne’er-do-well older brother has some how gotten himself a California a beach house and he pleads with Jerry to come immediately. With his grades slipping and Spring Break approaching, Jerry reluctantly agrees.

He arrives to learn that the delipidated old house is an inheritance left to them by their poverty stricken grandmother. It and the land around a desolate cove are worth over a million dollars and more, the legacy their grandmother had kept secret from them held an even greater promise, the secret of a vast treasure lost with an ancestors ship, deep in the murky waters of the cove.

Now he and Ted must learn to scuba dive and follow the insane ravings that old Captain Teller inscribed a log books over a century before. Writing that lead them to search shark infested waters of cove bellow the old house, and hints of an even more sinister presence guarding the wreck.

Can they recover their family’s lost legacy or will their greed unleash a far greater and ancient threat to plague humanity. Jerry and his brother must learn the what it truly means to be a Teller.