Blood Migration

A Desert Dinosaur Beach Party!

Mammals are the black raptor queen’s favorite snack. Small, tasty, and easy to find. But now, thanks to a freak accident, she and her flock have been pulled into a new world. Everything is different and strange, and very stressful. To make things worse, her favorite snack food has grown – and taken over everything. Now they think they run the place. Trying to survive in a place where her food has an attitude is enough to give the raptor a royal headache, and it could spread to her followers if she does not put a stop to it. Those stupid furballs never should have been allowed down from the trees.

Trying to keep your flock alive and thriving in a prehistoric world is hard. In a modern world it is even harder.

Trying to get ahead in life as a new college student is hard, especially when you are from a poor family and the entire world seems out to get you. How could you possibly have expected a flock of prehistoric dinosaurs to get in on the action?
It seems like the world is always out to get Annette Mondragon. Whoever said the life of a teenager is easy has never spent a day in her shoes. All she wants to do is live her life, pass her classes, and not end up like certain members of her family. Every time things start to go well, something else gets in the way – work, classes, stupid family obligations. And now, it seems as though a flock of killer dinosaurs are intent on knocking her down a few rungs on the food chain. Maybe even all the way down to ‘appetizer’.
Can Annette stay off the menu and stop the flock of voracious, winged raptors before they can make their way down the Rio Grande to a birthday party at Tingley Beach?

Or will the Queen of the Microraptors successfully find a new breading ground for her flock and teach the upstart mammals how to throw an unforgettable beach party.

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