Happy About My Book Reviews

My average review in Amazon is 4.75(out of 5) with 28 reviews My average on Goodreads is 4.17(out of 5) with 52 reviews https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8288708.R_W_Van_Sant 4.37 Overall and 80 reviews Although I haven’t gotten near as many reviews as my all-time favorite authors, according to Goodreads my reviews fall within the top range of theirs. Ranging … More Happy About My Book Reviews

No Harm No foul

Available Cyber Monday Without warning, bombs pour through a rip in the night sky, devastating the Earth. A strange constellation visible through the breach provides the only clue to the identity of the enemy. Survivors huddle in bunkers, waiting for the radiation to reach them and put an end to mankind’s history. In the middle … More No Harm No foul

Monster Monday

The Teller’s Cove Shark Game Stats for the EZRPG game system. The Shark of Teller’s Cove Over a century ago, the merchant sail ship “The Morning Sunshine” was driven off course by a storm. The captain had purchased a stolen idol of pure gold before leaving port and his superstitious crew blamed their misfortune on … More Monster Monday

Carl Samuels

A free-to-use background character for any modern EZRPG game, or as a player character. Carl Samuels Modern Adventure/Horror/Mystery Carl is built on the Average Joe template and can be used in any game as a savior, maniac, red herring, or as a player character. Strength: 0          Agility: 1              Toughness: 1 Intellect: -1         Psyche: 0             … More Carl Samuels