RW Van Sant is a lifelong writer, seeker of knowledge, and author of the recently published novel Scales and Feathers: A Desert Dinosaur Beach Party—a satirical, science fiction thriller romp set in the wilds of New Mexico.

RW enjoys writing in the fields of dark supernatural fantasy, supernatural thrillers, and thought-provoking science fiction, focusing on socially conscious, detailed world building and mind-bending, character driven stories, because he finds pursuing social consciousness and responsibility in a modern, realistic setting mundane, boring, and frequently overdone. Dark fantasy, horror, science fiction, satire, and supernatural thrillers are more his style, especially if his readers learn something while along for the ride.

Drawing on his lifelong pursuit for higher education and many misspent years practicing archaic medieval skills, RW utilizes his knowledge of history, science, and political science as a novelist for world-building and creating realistic, character-driven storylines. His previous novels include a diverse range of settlings, genres, and plots including Unity Captives —a dystopian science fiction adventure with a strong social justice message, Teller’s Cove—a supernatural horror with Lovecraftian undertones, the I-Factor—a mind-bending supernatural thriller set on a distance colony world, numerous short stories, roleplaying game books, and educational materials, including lesson plans.

He has a strong interest in space exploration, having taken classes in astrophysics, along with researching cryptids, myths and legends, the supernatural, and, of course, sea monsters.

When not writing, RW indulges in his hobbies of puppy pampering, graphic arts, and mediocre guitar playing.