Monster Monday

The Teller’s Cove Shark

Game Stats for the EZRPG game system.

The Shark of Teller’s Cove

Over a century ago, the merchant sail ship “The Morning Sunshine” was driven off course by a storm. The captain had purchased a stolen idol of pure gold before leaving port and his superstitious crew blamed their misfortune on it. Running short on supplies, the ship’s crew had to get supplies from an uncharted island. On this island, the crew found a gem larger than any ever unearthed.

Once free of the cave that hid it, the gem slowly started to awaken a primordial, ravenous intellect that dreams from beyond dimensional veils. It found the shark and changed it, giving it clever intellect, and limbs so that it could climb aboard the ship and breath the air to hunt. Making it an unageing agent to the sleepers’ will.  It would ensure the gem was protected long enough for the vale to fall and allow the dreamer to awaken and lead its kind back to claim the earth once again. Its plan was stopped when the “Mourning Sunshine” struck a reef in a storm and sank into a deep, murky cove.  Between the waves and the sharks only Captain Teller survived, the ship went down taking the gem with it and closing the veil once more.  

The shark, unageing, is now tied to the gem and the dreams of its creator. It hides in the murky waters of the cove going out into deep water only to feed.  It will return if anyone disturbs the waters of the cove that now bears the name of the captain of the ship; a madman who built the old house that overlooks the cove and stood on the widow’s watch on stormy nights screaming at the waves. That is until the stormy night when he disappeared without a trace.

The shark guards the treasure and waits for those who would recover the gem and lower the vale once more to allow the dreamer free to feed on a world now teeming with life.

From the novel “Teller’s Cove” by author RW Van Sant. Stats used with permission of the author.

 Huge Shark Abomination

Strength: 4 Agility: Toughness: 4

Intellect: -1  Psyche: Personality: -3

Weapons: Bite 1(cut/chop 4)  Claw: cut 1

Armor: 2        Move: swim 5 walk on land 2

Climbing: 2 Able to climb cliffs, the sides of ships, or into second-floor windows.

Breath Air: Although this hideous abortion can breathe air for short periods it is not its standard environment and will almost never wander far from the ocean unless the rain is heavy enough to keep its skin wet.

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