The Survival/Camping Knife

A weapon/tool for use with the EZ-RPG game system.

This is a good weapon or tool for use in a modern horror or adventure setting especially if it is set in the woods or wilderness. A similar weapon could be devised for a science-fiction setting with more advanced abilities or better bonuses.

This is a highly underrated weapon/tool for use in a modern or horror setting.

It is a hunting-style knife with a sheath that hangs easily on a belt at the hip without interfering with most actions a character may engage in. It has a hollow handle that contains a variety of useful items.

Fishing line, weights, and a hook. When used with a tree branch (found in the wilderness) provides a +1 bonus to any survival rolls related to fishing.

It contains a small plastic bag with 6 matches. The bag keeps the matches from getting wet and the matches provide a +1 bonus to start a fire (each use destroys a match)

A wet stone to maintain the blades sharpness (or sharpen another)

A compass that allows the user to navigate with a +1 bonus.

It may be used as either a tool or a weapon.

As a tool it allows any survival skill (that requires a knife) to be attempted without a negative.

As a weapon, it is capable of inflicting 0 cut or 1 stab damage with a range of 1 meter/yard.

The knife is not well balanced and can be thrown for 1 stab damage, but the attempt will incur a -1 penalty to the attempt.  If the handle is emptied and a large, smoothed stick embedded in it, the knife becomes a glaive-like spear capable of inflicting 1 cut damage and 2 stab damage with a range of 2 pr 3 meters/yards.  If made well enough it may also be thrown as a spear with a range of 5+ strength bonus meters/yards. Furthermore, the haft can be used to attack inflicting 0 crush damage, or to perry a personal attack with a bonus of +1. To construct this weapon requires crafting, hunting, or survival skill.

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