Carl Samuels

A free-to-use background character for any modern EZRPG game, or as a player character.

Carl Samuels

Modern Adventure/Horror/Mystery

Carl is built on the Average Joe template and can be used in any game as a savior, maniac, red herring, or as a player character.

Strength: 0          Agility: 1              Toughness: 1

Intellect: -1         Psyche: 0             Personality: -1

Move: 3

Military: 1           Chainsaw: 1        Sculpting :1         Hunting :1

Code of Honor:

Carl is very loyal to his friends. He has few friends but will protect and help them at all costs and feels a compulsion to protect civilians in trouble in the woods. Carl will deride them for their stupidity, then get them to town and out of his hair as rapidly as possible.

He owns an old jeep that breaks down on any driving roll with a major or worse failure, a hunting rifle, a hunting knife, and a chainsaw (which he wields with a skill of 3).

Carl is a societal dropout. Once a Marine, he is now an artist specializing in chainsaw wood sculptures, (which he does with a skill of 3). He has few friends, but he trusts them without reservation and would run to the aid of any of them without question (or avenge them should anything bad happen). He is not the brightest person in town and prefers his life simple with no complications.

He lives on a small parcel of land that he pays for with his wood sculptures of bears, beavers, and bobcats. This income is supplemented by military benefits. People have disappointed him, and he avoids interaction as much as possible, coming into town to drop off statues and pick up supplies.

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