The Great Desert Wrym

A dragon for use with the EZRPG Game System

The Great Desert Wyrm- Shir’ Ass’ Thrasis

“The Ground Shaker”, “The Terror Bellow” “The Great Bore Wyrm”

The following are the game stats for this draconic terror

for use with the EZ RPG Game System.

Strength: +6       Agility:0 (-2 if partially underground)      Toughness: +6

Intellect: +2        Psyche: +3           Personality: -1

Movement: 3 slither (underground boring speed 3, silent digging speed 1)

Hearing +3,         Sense Vibration +4          

Armor:  4 ( 6 if under the ground)

Bite:       +6 damage

Claws: +1 to strike,  +7 cut damage can reach opponents up to 6 meters/yards away from it.

Tail Lash +2,  +8 damage (prehensile grapple strength 6)

Poison gas Breath – strength 3    ignited causes flame and impact 4 (+1 per minute of gas buildup in an enclosed space up to 6)

Trap making 4


The Great Desert Wyrm is an ancient dragon of great mass and measuring nearly 100 feet in length. Although it lacks wings and cannot fly it has heavy armor and long claws that can reach victims up to 6 meters/yards away and dig through the strongest rock with near silence. It makes its lair deep in a natural cavern covered in crystalline and valuable gem formations deep under a secluded part of the desert. The creature is reclusive and avoids contact with others. It often sleeps for decades at a time if not disturbed. When this terror comes across a gem, it will go to lengths to acquire it for a hoard. It doesn’t like what people do with gems adding metal to make jewelry and will melt all metal off to free the gems, discarding the metal in a pile of slag in the center of the cavern, along with the bones of its victims.

 The Dragon emerges from these hibernations ravenous and will eat any large animal including humans but isn’t particularly fond of eating humanoids finding the meat not worth the problems eating intelligent creatures often bring.  Once she starts to feed, she will not return to her lair until satiated. It often starts with the wandering creature in the area but will go after people. If driven to this extreme, or attacked it will not stop until entire groups, armies or settlements have been decimated.

The Great Desert Dragon is an ambush predator. It can hear better than most creatures and sense vibrations well enough to hear a snake slither from great distances. It uses this ability to hunt through vibrations often bursting up under the largest member of the group and swinging it or waiting for members of a group to walk over the area where it is hiding and reaching out with her long arms, clawing, and grabbing a victim and pulling it under the dirt to devour. Despite its large size, the creature can hunt by moving with total silence until it reaches a place to lay a trap, or until it is under a village, town, or encampment before attacking. The deep desert near its lair is riddled with tunnels just below the surface waiting for someone to step on it and break 20 feet down for crush 2 damage.

If allowed to eat its fill, it will slither back to her deep caverns for a decade or two before resurfacing again to feed.

The Great Desert Wyrm has the ability to breathe poison gas filling a 10-meter/yard radius increasing by 10 cubic meters/yards per game round. It can at any time ignite the cloud causing 4 flame/impact damage +1 for every game round building up the cloud to a maximum of 6) It is a vindictive and cleaver monster who will also burro under its enemy filling the area with poison gas and waiting for everything to die. The creature has been known to fill a keep with gas and then ignite it blowing the fortress to pieces before going in to feed on the charred corpses.

This monster fits best in a medieval or high fantasy adventure but could be placed into any genre to create challenging, engaging, and memorable games.

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