Daily Thought-Fetch: The distance we’ll go to please our dogs.

Thought of the day.

There are no easy, simple answers, just the illusion of easy answers.

For example — Fetch.

I threw a ball to my dog who was anxiously waiting 6 feet away from me. How far did the ball go? 

The simple answer is 6 feet, yet that answer fails to take into account the nature of the universe that the playful interaction occurred in.

The reality is much more complex. How long did it take the ball to reach the waiting toothy grasp of my puppy? During that small time interval, the earth (and the entire me/dog/ball system) spun around the earth. The earth that contains us all flew merrily along in its orbit around that sun. The sun will ride happily along on its part of the spiral arm of the galaxy, circling its dense center core as the galaxy itself flies away from the point of the big bang into the eternal nothingness of the space beyond.

And as if all this were not complicated enough, my puppy took off with the ball and ran around the living room, and now he wants me to toss it again. Puppies just don’t understand the enormity of their demands. 

But I cannot say no to that wagging tail, which is also moving around the earth et all.

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